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Malcolm X video and photo gallery

  • See a five minute clip of Malcolm X's last speech in 1965.

  • See the PBS page on their "Make it Plain" documentary and watch it here


    (Podium that stood in front of Malcolm X when he was shot and killed February 21, 1965. Note the chalk drawn circles around the pierced bullet holes)



    W. E. B. Du Bois                                                           
    This is a brief interview recorded in 2013 - about 6:30 minutes about W.E.B. Du Bois, his connection to Pan Africanism, and as a critic of Marcus Garvey.


    See this link for a web page with bios and related information about African, African-American & Caribbean Historians like George Padmore, Eric Williams, Dr. Chancellor Williams and Runoko Rashidi.
    See the John Henrik Clarke documentary, A Great and Mighty Walk. See these links here to see published works of Dr. Clarke.

    These are links to the Kinsey Collection, the Reginald F. Lewis Museum, the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center at Howard University, the papers of Frederick Douglass and Zora Neale Houston at the Library of Congress.

    During Black History Month, we are typically reminded of the accomplishments and achievements of Black America - but often lost sight of the terror and brutality that accompanied acts of lynching. There are also links to an online exhibition at the Schomburg Research Center with links to a page on African Americans and politics, along with the Africana Age: African and African Diasporan Transformations in the 20th century. This page includes 21 links to videos and audio clips, such as an audio clip of an W.E.B. Du Bois interview at the World War I Pan African Conference, complete with visual images from the Conference, and audio clips of Marcus Garvey, Richard Wright and Langston Hughes.

    Note: Check back with this page - we update The Blackboard's Multimedia page frequently with new content; links, videos, photos, & audio clips.

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