2016 Elections

Race and Politics

Mapping the 2016 Electorate: Demographics don't guarantee a Democratic White House

Blacks' dependence on the Democratic Party

African American voters: The Overlooked Key in 2016, from The Cook Report

The Changing face of America's Electorate, January 2015

Reports and Analysis:

Beyond Distrust: How Americans view Their Government, November 2015
Voting & Registration reports from the Census, 2000 to 2014; 1990 - 1998; 1980-1988; 1970-1978; 1964-1968.

Election guides and 2016 primary results:

New York Times election results

Real Clear politics election guide and delegate count

News about the presidential race from the campaign trail

Election Data

Gallup's section on the 2016 Election

Pew Research section on US Politics & policy

US election statistics for federal and state elections, from the Library of Congress

US election statistics, from the United States Election Project

Charts with US Voter Turnout data, 1964 - 2008, from the Social Science Data Analysis Network

Demographic and Economic Profiles of voting electorates by State; Statistics that give an overall profile of the state’s voting-age population, economic & social characteristics, employment data, and voting and registration data. 


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