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White Nationalism & Resistance meets the Trump presidency:
VIDEO: We do not consent to a Donald Trump presidency..., from Rosa Clemente

The Party we need by the editors of Jacobin

Keeanga-Taylor Yamahtta's piece also in Jacobin, "No Time for Despair" and "How to build a mass movement"

How can we fight Trump, in The Nation

Presidential Orders:
Brief primer on the difference between Executive orders, Presidential memorandums & proclamations

Executive orders signed off as of January 20th 2017 at 9:20am

The official listing of Presidential Actions from the White House:

Presidential Cabinet:
A graphical view of Trump's cabinet picks that looks at the lack of diversity and experience

Roll Call votes from the US Senate as of January 29, 2017 for: (Note - click on the link below to see how Senate Democrats voted)

detailed outline of Trump Cabinet and sub-cabinet appointees, and key White House Staff

John F. Kelly, of Virginia, to be Secretary of Homeland Security

James Mattis, of Washington, to be Secretary of Defense

Mike Pompeo, of Kansas, to be Director of the CentralIntelligence Agency

Nikki R. Haley, of South Carolina, to be the Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations, with the rank and statusof Ambassador, and the Representative of the United States of America in the Security Council of the United Nations

2016 Elections
The FINAL and CERTIFIED election results as of December 20th, 2016

Analysis of the 2016 presidential election results from Pew Research Center

The Science of Justice: Race, Arrests & Police use of Force (July 2016)

Report from the East Baton Rouge District Attorney's Office regarding the death of Alton Sterling (July 11th, 2016)

Local news coverage from the Star Tribune of the Philando Castile killing

Local news coverage from The Advocate of the Alton Sterling killing

Coverage of the Freddy Gray trial in the Baltimore Sun.

Court documents of the Freddy Gray trial for Baltimore Police Officers, Caesar GoodsonWilliam Porter, and Edward Nero.  Here is Officer Woodson's court transcript.

The Guardian's interactive project, The Counted keeps track of the number of people killed by police and other law enforcement agencies in the United States throughout 2015.

Articles on the various topics covered and uncovered since the police related deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.
Michael Brown grand jury documents released by Prosecutor Robert McCulloch.

Report/analysis entitled: "Who leads us" on who are the prosecutors in America by the Women's Donor Network.  The site is very informative and interactive.

Justice Department investigation report on police departments in:
The White House page on the President's 21st Century policing

The President's 21st Century Policing Task Force webpage with the interim Task Force Report (March 2015) and final Task Force Report (Note: as of 7/19/15, the DOJ link is inoperable.  The link will be provided when operable)

These are documents released in the Sandra Bland case:

Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) resource page on stop & frisk.

NY Amsterdam News coverage of stop and frisk.

Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) Reflection on the Floyd v. City of NY Ruling Against Stop and Frisk.

New York Times coverage of stop and frisk.

ACLU Report: Beyond "Deliberate Indifference": An NYPD for All New Yorkers (Nov.2013)

New York Attorney General Office Report on Stop and FFLINT WATER CRISIS

The Detroit Free Press section on the Flint Water Crisis

The Guardian's section on the Flint Water Crisis

A story published in The Final Call about recent work of their prison ministry.

This is the "10 Things they will not tell you about the Flint water tragedy" by Michael Moore.

Reporting on the Flint Water Crisis by NewsOne
risk (Nov.2013)

June 2016, "On view of Race and Inequality; Blacks and Whites are worlds apart" from the Pew Research Center

By the Urban Institute: The Moynihan Report is revisited and Housing Discrimination against Racial and Ethnic Minorities.

National Urban League's 2013 State of Black America and 2014 State of Black America report.

50 years of the Voting Rights Act report by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.

Supreme Court decision on Voting Rights Act (June 2013).

Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies response to Supreme Court Ruling on Voting Rights Act.

The Brennan Center for Justice (at NYU School of Law) has a page with various links to op-ed, blog posts, media coverage, fact sheets, etc., regarding the Voting Rights Act.

The Democrats dependence on the Black vote, Washington Post (July 2015)

How Black Voters could determine the 2016 elections, Washington Post

The Urban Institute has a brief summary on poverty and a resource page.

The Economic Policy Institute has an Inequality & Poverty page.

The Nation's This week in Poverty series.

Official poverty page at the Census Bureau.

2015 Income and Poverty in the United States report and summary

2014 Income and Poverty in the United States report (Census Bureau report issued Sept. 2015)

The Pew Research Center put together a data portrait in their look at poverty.

Mapping Poverty in America in the New York Times.

Detroit Bankruptcy renders pension benefits unprotected.

Detroit Free Press full coverage of the Detroit’s financial crisis

A new report cites New York public schools as the most segregated in the nation according to UCLA Civil Rights Project.

The Common core State Standards Initiative page.

The emergence of a Common Core backlash.

The growing political impact across the country on national and state levels.

Whitehouse website page for Affordable Care Act (ACA) and healthcare reform that contains information about the new law, myths versus facts, and information on how to find healthcare plans.

House Republican Playbook – a GOP strategic plan to highlight problems with the Affordable Care Act.

Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies' report on ACA.

See these links for additional information; comprehensive background; overview of the case with important details available here and two excellent stories available here and here. Also see these links for the story on the IRP6 as well as an interview and article written by Mr. David Banks, one of the IRP6.

Final report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, United States Senate. Also available in other formats here and here.

From Democracy Now a flashback to the days of COINTELPRO.

Book excerpt for Spying on Democracy.


New York Amsterdam News

The Black Star News

Atlanta Black Star 

The Final Call

African Sun Times

Florida Courier



Coverage from Democracy Now on the Puerto Rico financial crisis

The crisis explained by the Huffington Post (Jan 2016)

The crisis explained by The WEEK

The Atlantic: Will Promesa help Puerto Rico 

The Real News NetworkPuerto Rico 'Rescue' Bill to Reinforce Colonial Relationship with US

BBC's primer and FAQ on Brexit

The Guardian's coverage of Brexit


The Iran Nuclear Agreement -  Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

July 20, 2015 Opening of the US Embassy Havana