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For several years, I was as a freelance journalist and writer where my work has been published in The City Sun, New York Amsterdam News, The Final Call, The African Sun Times, The Black Collegian, The Black Star News, The Source, The Black Issues in Black Review, The Quarterly Black Review as well as The Black World Today at TBWT.com and The Black Collegian Online at IMDiversity.com. Here is a link to a page with articles I wrote that are posted on the web. 

I contributed an essay published as Commentary to Chapter 1, prefacing the “Origins, Ancestors and Memory,” chapter in Sacred Fire: The QBR 100 Essential Black Books published in 2001.  I also attended the historic 2001 World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa on assignment with The New York Amsterdam News, The Black World Today and The African Sun Times.  I was also fortunate to receive third place honors from the New York Association of Black Journalists for an article written July 2002 on Administration Children Services’ harassment of a family whose son was removed from his home. 

I launched The Brooks Blackboard in November 2013 to write about race, politics and those events that lead to social changes.  There is so much more to the typical perspective often found when reading mainstream media and that's what we try to do here at The Brooks Blackboard.  But I want The Brooks Blackboard to be more than just a blog and to operate more as an independent media platform with a focus on political education.

As you navigate through The Brooks Blackboard, you will find the main "landing" page with my view on political topics and racial events; an INTEL page with links to articles, reports, and analysis on the Black Radical Tradition, COVID Pandemic, 2020 & 2016 elections, Race, Poverty, Police Brutality, etc; and my newest page, OPEN MIND, a video library page with panel discussions and interviews around Black politics and the Black Radical Tradition. 

The Brooks Blackboard is about educating and informing the global classroom about white supremacy, racial capitalism, racism, Black radical tradition, Black politics, racial justice, and of course, Black liberation.

Please visit and LIKE, The Brooks Blackboard Facebook page and read through our catalog of posts and commentary. 

The Brooks Blackboard is frequently updated with new videos, posts, and links on the INTEL page. 

Charles Brooks, CEO
Brooks Publishing Group LLC

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