Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Blackboard update

The Blackboard has been updated with new content; a post titled Obama’s team of admirers as well as updates to the Resource page. The Resource page has been updated to include two reports detailing the scope of Stop and Frisk as it is used in New York City. The ACLU Report: Beyond "Deliberate Indifference": An NYPD for All New Yorkers (Nov.2013) and the New York Attorney General Office Report on Stop and Frisk (Nov.2013) is now included in the Resource page.

The Resource page has also been updated with resources for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Voting Rights, Race and the current financial crisis affecting Detroit. This page will be continually updated with links to new resources. There are two pages currently being worked on that will include links to critical thinkers such as Malcolm X, John Henrik Clarke, Arturo Schomburg, Vincent Harding, Walter Rodney and several others. In addition, there will be a page tentatively labeled Bookshelf where there will be a listing of books and their summaries that will help advance our understanding of politics, history as well as the current developments as they emerge.

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