Monday, March 31, 2014

The Blackboard Report - March 31, 2014

By Charles Brooks

White House
•See coverage in The Guardian about President Obama and his continuing battle of wills with Russian Vladimir Putin.
•With the March 31st deadline looming, there is a renewed focus on the Affordable Care Act and the Healthcare signup numbers. But are the uninsured getting health insurance?

Ray Jasper and Anthony Doyle were executed thus reigniting the debate around the death penalty.
•The Georgia State legislature passed HB60 (by a vote of 112-58) significantly expanding gun laws in Georgia
•In The Final Call, Sisters under siege - The plight of Black males was brought back into attention with a presidential declaration and initiative but what about the status of Black girls and young women, are they at risk and what needs to be done about it?

•Election 2014: What are the changing demographics in New Orleans and what are the voting implications?
•A recent report by UCLA's Civil Rights Project cites New York with the most segregated public schools in the nation.

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